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Returns Policy

In order to make a return please email us at

To make a return you must:

  1. Request a Returns Authorization Number (RAN) within 5 days of receiving your order by contacting customer service via email at Changes/returns are NOT made over the phone. Returned orders must have a RAN number. Products not accompanied by a RAN number will be returned to the sender.
  2. Arrange for a shipping agent to collect the package. PRET-A-BEAUTE does not guarantee the safety or insurance of the items returned using other shipping agents than UPS and may not accept liability for those goods. The address for returns will be given online at the time you request your RAN number.
  3. As long as you meet the Returns Terms and Conditions you will be allocated a RAN number.
  4. The cost of handling each Return amounts to a fixed amount of 9 Euros per returned product, which will be deducted from the total refund amount. For Cyprus the cost of handling is 15 Euros per return item.
  5. Once your return has been processed you will be notified by email. Returns can take up to 30 business days to process.

Terms and Conditions of Return

In order for your order to be eligible for return, you must fully meet the following conditions:

  1. Request a Returns Authorization Number (RAN) within 5 days of receiving your order, by contacting the customer service department at the email
  2. The order must be returned to PRET-A-BEAUTE within fourteen (14) days from the day you receive your order. Returns delivered to the Returns Department after fourteen (14) days will not be accepted by PRET-A-BEAUTE and will be returned to you.
  3. Products must not be used, worn, washed, altered or damaged and the identification tag along with all designer fabric tags must be attached to the product. All products sold by PRET-A-BEAUTE are accompanied by an identification tag attached with a disposable safety pin. We remind you to try on the products you have purchased without removing the identification tag or plastic, as we do not accept returns if they are not in the same condition as they were delivered to you.
  4. For hygiene reasons, underwear cannot be returned in any case. Crystal earrings and jewelry are not returnable. Gemstone jewelry is non-returnable to ensure the high quality of the gemstones. Hats are non-returnable. Finally, sunglasses are not returnable as no possible damage to the lenses can be determined. Products by the designer Alexandra Tsoukala are not returnable due to sensitivity in the way they are manufactured.
  5. Products must be returned complete and unused, in their original packaging. Where provided, belts and any designer packaging such as authenticity cards, protective cases, leather tags, designer boxes and cases by PRET-A-BEAUTE they should also be returned to their original condition as they are considered part of the product. If the returned product boxes are damaged, your return will not is accepted.
  6. Do not use PRET-A-BEAUTE boxes (black or brown) as the outer packaging box for your return. The boxes (black or brown) are part of the products and if damaged, returns are not accepted. Return your order in exactly the same packaging as you received it including any gifts you may have received.
  7. Your return must be accompanied by the Receipt. Returns not accompanied by the original receipt will not be accepted.
  8. If you are returning more than one item from the same order, you should send them all at once: PRET-A-BEAUTE does not accept multiple returns from the same order, with products sent at different times or in different shipments.
  9. Returns of discounted products or products that have been purchased with a discount coupon are not subject to the possibility of a refund except for the issuance of a coupon and credit for the purchase of other products .
  10. Returns or exchanges are not accepted on Final Sale products, Made to Order products and products bought during BLACK FRIDAY sales.
  11. Orders that contain a current gift offer are not subject to refunds other than coupon issuance and credit money to buy other products.
  12. Products sent as an exchange item fromprevious return will not be accepted for an additional return.

If you meet all of the above requirements, PRET-A-BEAUTE will refund you the full amount of money of the value of the purchased products that you returned, except for the shipping costs.

PRET-A-BEAUTE reserves the right to refuse the return request, in case the right of return is abused/exploited as well as reserves the right to refuse future service of orders.

In case the returned products are not accepted, you will be notified by PRET-A-BEAUTE. In this case, the products will be delivered to you by PRET-A-BEAUTE at your expense. If you refuse the above delivery and the shipment is returned to PRET-A-BEAUTE, PRET-A-BEAUTE reserves the right not to keep the products.

Gift Returns

If you received an order as a gift, you can exchange it for other products. You will receive a credit voucher with the corresponding refund amount that will be valid for 6 months. Corporate gifts can only be returned by the original purchaser within seven business days of original receipt.

Gift Returns YOUR GIFT

If you receive a gift product from PRET-A-BEAUTE as YOUR GIFT, in case of returning your order you must also return the gift you received. Only if the products you keep amount to Euro 150, you can keep your gift. In the event that the gift is retained by you and not returned, then it will be invoiced at its original price and the amount will be deducted from the amount returned to you. Orders that include YOUR GIFT offers and gifts are not subject to a refund policy, only exchange.

Late Returns

Products must be returned within fourteen (14) days of receiving your order. Products returned after fourteen (14) days from the date you received your order will not be accepted and will be returned to you.

Safety and Disposable Attachment Plastic

All products sold by PRET-A-BEAUTE include an identification tag, which is attached with a safety pin or disposable plastic. Please try the products without removing the tag and safety or plastic. Products that are returned without the tag and security or plastic damaged, are not accepted.

Jewelry Returns

You should be careful when handling the jewelry and try it on without removing the identification tag attached to it with the disposable safety. All jewelery must be returned in its original, undamaged box and protective case (if applicable) as it is considered part of the product. Jewelry returned without their boxes or in damaged boxes may not be accepted and returned to the customer. For hygiene reasons, earrings are not returnable under any circumstances. Jewelry with precious stones (diamonds, etc.) is not returnable, in order to ensure the high quality of the precious stones.

Returns of Swimwear, Underwear and Tights/Leggings

For hygiene reasons, underwear is not returnable under any circumstances. One-piece swimsuits and bikini bottoms should be tried on over the underwear, without removing the protective adhesive tape. If this tape has been removed or if the items are soiled, they may not be accepted for return and returned to the customer. Tights and any products shipped with a single-use Plastic Attachment will not be accepted for return if their packaging has been opened and the Plastic Attachment has been damaged. Exchanges will only be accepted if the tights are returned in their original packaging, which has not been opened or tampered with. Leggings belong to the underwear category and are not returnable.

Defective products

All complaints will be dealt with in good faith. Products are classified as defective if they have been damaged/worn before receipt. Products that are damaged due to use and wear are not considered defective. PRET-A-BEAUTE reserves the right, in case of controversial complaints, to return the products to the manufacturer for inspection, in order to clarify whether the complaint is real. The process can take up to 120 days.

A product will be treated as defective only if it has the PRET-A-BEAUTE security and all identification tags intact, as originally sent by the company. In case the fuses of the product are broken or altered this will not be accepted as defective. Products that have been used/worn for even a minimal period of time cannot be considered defective as their use by the Customer cannot be ascertained. In case of confirmation of a defective product, PRET-A-BEAUTE will replace the defective product only with the same product and in the same size, depending on availability.


You can change the product size or replace with another product. The cost of handling each Return amounts to a fixed amount of Euro 9 per returned product, which will be deducted from the total amount of the return. 

We exchange products as long as they are returned to us unworn and in perfect condition, with their original packaging intact within the aforementioned time period from the original shipping date.

To exchange a product, simply specify the new size you want when requesting the RAN and follow the returns instructions above.

No returns are made on special orders (ie products that are specially ordered by a customer and are not normally available).

Products sent as an exchange/previous return will not be accepted for an additional return.

Products that have been reserved on behalf of the customer by PRET-A-BEAUTE for a period longer than 20 days are not accepted for return.

Please ensure that high value items are returned by registered post and are insured. We are not responsible for loss in transit of returned products.

Money return

Once PRET-A-BEAUTE has received the returned products and they meet all the requirements for return, you will receive an email informing you that the products have been accepted. The value of the products will be credited to the purchaser's credit card or bank account or to your PRET-A-BEAUTE account. Shipping costs will be deducted from the value of the products if no products have been reserved since the original order.

Regardless of the payment method you used (Credit or Debit Card, Cash on Delivery, Deposit to a Bank Account), the refund process begins immediately after PRET-A-BEAUTE receives the returned product and the Department approves its return Returns.

The time period for refunding the amount you paid depends on the payment method you used:

  • Credit or Debit Card . Refund time depends on the policy of the bank that issued your card.
  • Cash on Delivery / Deposit to a Bank Account . The amount you paid for the products you returned will be refunded to the bank account you send to us. The time required for the refund depends on the respective bank. Usually the money is returned within a period of fifteen (15) days. Please note that it is necessary to have a bank account in order to receive a refund for orders paid by Cash on Delivery.
  • If your order has been shipped to a destination within the EU, all applicable sales taxes will be refunded to you. For destinations outside the EU, duties and sales taxes are not refunded by PRET-A-BEAUTE. Try contacting your local customs directly and as long as you provide them with all the return receipts they should probably get your taxes refunded.

Product offers, BLACK FRIDAY, and others are not accepted for exchange or refund.

The costs of collecting the cash on delivery and any costs of depositing or transferring funds to our account will be charged to the customer and deducted from the amount to be credited.